Friday, May 18, 2012

Well played sir, well played indeed.

I find it funny that the only time I seemed to stick to blogging was back when horrible, awful things were happening to me.  As though in order to be interesting, I had to have some epic story.

Anyways...  I've picked up a second job DJing karaoke for a local bar on Friday nights, and I start tonight.  This ought to be interesting... the chick who sticks to a deadpan voice, and hates people, trying to be upbeat and chipper, keep a drunk crowd happy and entertained....  I'm thinking lighting myself on fire might be a backup plan for when they get out of control.  Thoughts?


  1. Sometimes going out on that limb & trying new things that would generally be out of character for you can be a positive thing. It might possibly be the outlet you need to bring ya out of yourself a little ;-)

  2. Well so far, so good... I'm enjoying it for sure!