Friday, May 25, 2012

Double standards?

So, I'm single.  The hubby and I parted ways in June of last year, and made it official in February of this year.  And I learned something very interesting along the way....

...There is still an EXTREME double standard about men having casual sex, vs women being slutty.  (Term used purposefully.)

As a twice divorced woman, who is picky, emotionally unstable when it comes to relationships, and in general just not a fan of being tied down, it's surprising how many people frown upon, well.... entertaining your urges. Shall we say.

As long as you're safe, use your head about it, I say... why not?  I know some people don't agree with that theory though.

Seems to be ok for men to do it, though.

I'm actually not getting laid at all and have my eyes firmly fixed on one prize (he knows who he is) but until a few months ago, I was just looking to enjoy life, not be judged.  Who is anyone to tell another person hat they do is inappropriate?  Would it have been better for me to SAY "Yeah, be my boyfriend!", get laid, and then dump them?  I guess I don't understand the horrible stigma attached with being an adult making my own choices....

...but I also know a lot of idiots have fucked it up for the rest of us.

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